[News] ​Creation of firm moisture layer with pomegranate extract


FRUDIA has launched a new product, called ‘Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Cream in Mist,’ which contains 85% pomegranate extract, through new concept fruit skin care brand.

FRUDIA’s Pomegranate Mist not only contains pomegranate extract, but also 6 types of fruits seed oil (grape seed, mango seed, apricot seed, pomegranate seed, grapefruit seed, and tomato seed) complex, leading to high moisturizing power. The product is special that it maintains moist feeling for long time by filling in moisture layer on skin.
This product is a two-phase type, composed of essence and cream. Red energy pomegranate water essence and cream, containing 6 types of fruits seed oil extract, creates double layer on skin. Consumers can enjoy anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect by shaking the product onto the face.
It is possible to provide moisture anywhere and anytime during dry winter, and to create vivid and moist skin by improving tight or dry feeling and forming strong moisture layer once applied before or after make-up.