[News] Frudia, obtained certification of ‘Eve Vegan’ of France

Welcos (CEO Kim Young-don) announced that its Frudia brand, which aims for real fruit juice skin care, has obtained vegan certification from Eve(Expertise Ve´gane Europe) of France, a global vegan certification agency, for its cosmetic production facilities that do not include animal-derived ingredients and do not conduct animal testing.

Frudia products that obtained Eve Vegan certifications are total of 5 products including 3 types of Avocado Relief Lines (cream, essence toner, secret wash), Green Grape Pore Peeling Pad, and Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence.

‘Green Grape Pore Peeling Pad’, which can be used safely for sensitive skin, is characterized by the effect of mild melting of dead skin or oil that is blocking pores by containing patented ingredients to reduce pores and sebum secretion, and taking care for smooth skin texture without bumps.

‘Ultra UV Shield Sun Essence’, a must-have item in summer, not only blocks UV rays, UVA and UVB, but also is a sun essence that is moist and fresh without stickiness just as applying water essence as it contains patented ingredients to strengthen skin moisturizing barriers.

Especially, Avocado Line is product of good ingredients that use even sensitive skin can use with relief by using avocado fruit extract rich in vitamins and amino acids, even called as ‘butter of forest’, instead of purified water that receive big attention not only at home but also abroad.

“As the trend of consumers considering the environment is increasing, we well expand our vegan certified product line to become a brand that consider not only consumers’ healthy skin but also the environment with sustainable beauty,” said a representative of Frudia brand.

CMN (2020.06.29)