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Green Grape Pore Control Face Mask Sheet 27ml
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# Sebum gets washed away, leaving only soft skin

Product Feature
- Fresh pore mask pack that even cares skin texture
Fruit Juice mask pack that cares oily and bumpy skin caused by sebum and pores to become moist and fresh.

- Fruit juice mesh that stores fruit essence
The fruit juice mesh that is similar to the fibrous structure of pulp stores active ingredients of fruit essence on the sheet

- "Skin Sheet" that closely adheres to skin
Unbleached and non-fluorescent sheet extracted from vegetable closely adheres along with the curve of face to
evenly nourish the skin for a long time.

- 60% green grape extract in place of water

- Skin irritation test completed

- Lightly applied pure water type essence
Moist and fresh texture fruit juice essence full of green grape juice with tannin ingredient.
- Real fruit juice pack full of Green Grape Juice
This is a real fruit sheet mask that contains the entire active ingredients of fruit juice.

01. Unbleached and non-fluorescent materials minimizing skin irritation - Sheet mask with it natural color.
02. Thin skin sheet that is completely attached to face along with the curves - Skin sheet that never falls off from face
in any condition.
03. Healthy sheet made of Botanical material from natural herb - Skin friendly botanical fabric.
04. Frudia's Fruit juice mesh prevents fruit juice from leaking - Role of the fruit juice storage film.

Use fruit juice sheet mask like this !
Step 1: Clear skin with toner after cleansing
Step 2: Attach the mask with a film on your face, then remove the film.
Step 3: Wait for about 15 minutes until the essence penetrates the skin
Step 4: Remove the mask and let leftover essence absorbs on the skin.

Product Content : 27ml


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