[News] Frudia, Launched pH-Balanced, Hypoallergenic ‘Lip & Eye Remover Pad’


Frudia, a new concept pure-juice skincare brand of WELCOS , has launched ‘Blueberry Micellar 5.5 Lip & Eye Remover Pad’, which completely removes thick point make-up from eyes and lips with a single pad. It consists of 30 pads per pack.

Blueberry Lip & Eye Remover Pad is a make-up cleansing tissue that has applied Micellar technique, and it forms a moisture barrier while completely removing makeup residues to moisturize the skin after using. In addition, it maintains pH 5.5, the healthiest condition of the skin, to minimize irritation of thin, sensitive eyes and lips.

Blueberry Lip & Eye Remover Pad consists of the two sides, the embossed side that allows deep cleansing inside pores and the smooth side that removes remaining make-up and moisturizes the skin, and excluded 20 harmful ingredients (the book ‘Secret of Korean Cosmetics’) described in the cosmetics information platform ‘Hwahae’, and can be used for sensitive skin as it includes natural ingredients such as blueberry and soap berry.

 “Blueberry Lip & Eye Remover is simple, but it is easy to remove make-up between eyelashes and wrinkles in the lips, and the pouch is portable, so it’s good for fixing make-up or travelling